Saturday, September 3, 2016

Awakening Your Sovereignty

Secrets have enslaved humanity for eons. In fact we were fooled into believing a certain way based upon dark deception. Forced to obey man-made lies, written as law, based upon rules scribed in books thousands of years ago by individuals who’s objective was to contain and control humanity. This very same dominant ego, that forced nations into wars both domestic and foreign. With psychopaths and banking families who profited from both sides, stealing wealth, land and resources whilst depopulating our species in the process. We were forced to digest stories based upon myths, teaching us to think a certain way, a false reality. Dark Covens deceived us into believing that we had no value as individuals. For example, as a continuation of this great deception, Nasa, a Freemason coven, spent trillions convincing us, we were spinning around on a ball earth, with no real connection or place in the universe.  

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